Hiding from Mormons …

That’s right you heard me correctly … I’ve been hiding from Mormons. It’s not what you think though. I haven’t been hiding from all Mormons, and it’s not that I have mormon issues. In fact, I do on regular basis invite Mormon missionaries into my home for long chats and Read more…

The Great Migration

The Great Migration –> I suppose that’s a bit of an exaggeration, seeing as the new warehouse is just a couple of miles from the old location. There was NOTHING great about today! Except, the fact that it is done! We are moved in and ‘very’ organized. We have considerably Read more…

I’m Not Going to Make It.

This blog365 thing is really a HUGE commitment. I hate to fail, so regardless of the fact that I am tired, I will blog anyway. I couldn’t face you all again if I failed the blog365 challenge in February … I KNOW I can make it further than that.

It’s been a really busy day. I had a total of 4 hours of sleep last night. For some strange reason I found it necessary to stay awake to watch Far and Away (Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman). A film that I wasn’t crazy about the first two times I watched it, but for some reason the 3rd time around it was quite fascinating, except for Tom Cruise’s terrible Irish accent –> “You’re a corker, Shannon. What a corker you are” – GAG!

**I am writing frantically – I am not stopping – There is no period, because I am going to give you one long, long, exhausting sentence … here we go –>

I walked the kids to school and took the long route home, I took the long route because I so need to do something about my size (LARGE going on Xlarge), I picked up the sitter, did shipping labels, did laundry, fixed printer, fixed computer, fixed printer, had Mr. MK fix network problem, went to the warehouse, packed orders, counted stock, home to pick up the sitter and Georgia, picked up Sam and Liz from school, dropped the sitter off at her 2nd job, then drove home, made an early supper, checked email, answered customer service issues, fed the kids the early supper (are you tired yet?), did dishes, prepared the kids for an evening at a friends, rendezvous with friend who is watching the children while Mr. MK and I are out a Rotary function, swap cars with friend, in order for her to look after my children and get hers to soccer she needs a bigger vehicle (mine), Georgia falls in large puddle at the car swap and has to be taken home for clean coat, boot, jeans, shirt and to rinse her hair, finish car swap and finally get children to friend (clean and dry), shower, dress, makeup, hair, argue with Mr. MK about his messy ensemble, drive to function, spend 3 hours at rotary function, drive to friends to get children back, visit with friend, pick up tired children, drive home, walk in door, send children to bed, sit down at computer, frantically search through old photo’s looking for one that will work for a ’30 Tiny Moments’, realize that there isn’t one, wish I had take even one picture today, wish I had taken one of Georgia lying in the lake mud puddle, tell myself to quit wishing for things that aren’t going to happen, consider taking pictures now (could push kids in puddle for reenactment), decide not to, realize that I will not post 30 x ’30 Tiny Moments’ 30 days in a row, accept failure (I’m Not Going to Make It), decide to write about it, writing, right NOW.

I’m going to bed … 5:30 comes early.

Tuckered Out

30 Tiny Moments – Day 9

30 Tiny Moments : Day 9
Homemade Pizza by MommyKnows … Mmmm!

I am so tired, like really, really, really tired. Really, I am so tired I could cry, but I won’t.

I am so tired, I ‘almost’ couldn’t eat that pizza I made for supper (almost).

I am so tired, I might not do the dishes. I might not get my kids in their pj’s and I might not even care what time they go to bed. For sure I am too tired to care if they have a bath.

I am so tired, I am not going to worry about the laundry and I am certainly not going to do it.

I am so tired, I don’t care what’s on TV. I don’t care that Mitt is short for Milton (not Mitthew — hahaha … I crack myself up!)

I am so tired, I might just go to bed on time.

I am so tired, I have to sign off NOW or I might do this …