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I Challenge You to WALK!

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FIVE is the number of fingers on each of my hands, toes on each foot and the number of times I was nearly run over entering and leaving the school yard this week! REALLY …

FIVE is also the number of days per week, I walk my children to and from school. It started as a way to make sure that we all got some exercise (Lizzy, Sam and I) and some fresh air for Georgia. But, it has become something much, much more.

walking to school March 2nd, 2007 - MINUS 21 degrees.

The walk is not an especially long one … about 1 Km (0.6 miles) each way. With the kids it takes about ten minutes and it is a great ten minutes. It’s twenty minutes each day with my children and no interuptions. There is time for impromptu races, spelling practise, nature talks, safety lessons and sometimes just panicked ‘we’re late’ power-walking. There is plenty of time for talking too, “I am sorry I yelled and I love you” talks after hectic mornings and “who’d you play with at recess?” talks on the way home. Some days are ‘knock-knock’ days and other days (MINUS 40 degree days), you just put your head down and WALK-RUN because it’s so darn cold you can’t talk.

Yes, we walk everyday (I’ve missed three mornings – two sick and one below -40 degrees and husband insisted he drive the kids). Many days a kind neighbor or friend try to pick us up and give us a ride, we say, “No, thanks we want to walk”. Now this wasn’t the truth in the beginning, walking was hard for all of us. Sam cried and I yelled (at Sam to get walking). Each day when I’d walk to pick him up, he’d ask, “did you drive today?” … “NO, I didn’t drive, we’re NOT driving, we LIKE walking!” … “ahhhhhh!”

We’ve become great friends walking because we walk ALONE. Not because we have no friends, it’s because the whole darn world seems to drive! Which brings me back to nearly being run over FIVE times. We have a terrible traffic issue around our school and the school across the street. With 1000 students in the two buildings and just a handful of children walking there is chaos each morning. Everybody is in a hurry and it just gets down right dangerous. The parking and traffic issue is a BIG issue in our school community. There are parent patrols, RCMP patrols, student crossing guards and Principals monitoring all of it. Still nobody walks …

There are other issues surrounding the driving we all do:

  • Childhood obesity is growing rapidly and studies show that the best way to tackle that is to be active. Get those little feet moving and the BIG feet too … WALK.
  • Our planet is sick and burning fossil fuels are to blame, so park the car, save some gas, cut down on CO2 emmissions … WALK.
  • I challenge you all to get out there, and do yourselves, your kids and your planet a favor and walk somewhere that you need to go.

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    • Janeth March 3, 2007, 9:04 pm

      I love your website.

      I have a site I started for my daughter but do not have the time to post on it often enough.

      I started walking with my daughter this year. We walk together to school and back home almost everyday. Walking is great and lets the mind think. I love the time with my daughter on the way to school and love the alone time on the way back home.

      I run my own business and have 20 employees around me 6 days a week. I am not sure if I could make it without my time alone with myself and daughter that I get twice a day.

    • kim March 3, 2007, 11:50 pm

      Hi Janeth,

      I know exactly how you feel :) I need the break too!
      It was hard at first (I tend to be lazy) but, it has become theraputic.

    • multi-tasking mommy March 4, 2007, 6:00 am

      Good for you for walking!
      At the school that I worked at, many children received drives to school even though they lived VERY close to the school. My principal was outside every morning trying to encourage people to walk, walk, walk! Most times, the children received a drive due to their parent’s laziness, not their own! Sad, really.
      I wish that our house was located closer to places that were in walking distance, but really, we aren’t, which is too bad. That doesn’t stop us from walking, though!

    • kim March 4, 2007, 7:23 am

      Hi multi-tasking,

      Thanks for stopping by! You’re right it is the parents! There is one family that lives on our route to school. They are the 9th house from the school (yes, I counted) and the dad loads up the kids in the car and drives to the third house from the school and parks the car! It makes me laugh :)

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