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tulip cupcakes

Tulip Cupcakes Tutorial – A great Mother’s Day Treat

in DIY / Tutorials, General, Real Food / Easy Meals

Spring time means tulips, and it's definitely spring, so I thought tulip cupcakes would be in order. Lucky for me, I have a wonderful friend Gloria who is also the talent behind The Art of Cake. I won't give you a tutorial on how to make and ice the perfect cupcake. This is about the [...]


DIY: Make your own Vanilla Extract

in DIY / Tutorials, Real Food / Easy Meals

This is undoubtedly one of the easiest projects, I've attempted. It's also one of the most delicious and makes a wonderful gift to give away during the holiday season. I made the vanilla extract in October for gift-giving in December. My intention was to blog about it in early November, giving you plenty of time [...]


Double Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, Real Food / Easy Meals

I'm finding out that there are so many great treats you can bake up using just a regular 'ole cake mix. A current favorite in MommyKnows ville are these Double Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies, inspired by the wonderful Ms. Paula Deen. Ingredients 1 (8-ounce) brick cream cheese (softened) 1/2 cup of butter (softened) 1 egg [...]

dip dye hair with kool-aid

DIY: Dip Dye Hair using Kool-Aid

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

I want to make it clear right up front that I am NOT a professional hair stylist/colorist. This is the process my daughter and I used to dip dye her brown hair. It worked quite well, you may NOT get the same results. Experiment at your own risk. I know from using Kool-Aid in other [...]


DIY Colourful Paint for Kids

in DIY / Tutorials, Family

I made the mistake of showing Georgia Pinterest on my iPad. She has a list of projects a mile long for us to do together. It's a good thing school starts next week. First up was making our own paint. She loves to paint. The recipe/instructions were so easy how could I say, "no"? I [...]

handmade shampoo bars

DIY: Homemade Castile Shampoo Bars with Tea Tree and Peppermint

in DIY / Tutorials, Real Food / Easy Meals

A couple of months ago I started making soap. After tons of reading and quite a bit of confusion, I finally figured out the basics and made my first batch of 'lye soap', just like Great-Grandma used to make. It turned out great! I then decided to make some shampoo bars. This is the lye [...]

burstal pass hike

Let’s Pretend, Ass-Kicking, Hiking Burstal Pass and DIY Ziplock Bag Winter Boots!

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

Let's pretend that my last post wasn't dated in March! Let's just pretend I've been here all along blogging away. I've been busy, but no busier than usual. In fact with skiing over (sort of), life has actually slowed down some. I'm trying to keep the kids active and get myself in shape for some [...]


DIY Cheddar Cheese Animal Crackers

in DIY / Tutorials, General, Real Food / Easy Meals

Looking for a way to keep little hands busy over spring break? Try making some Cheddar Cheese Animal Crackers. They're super easy and delicious. Get the recipe and instructions over at my LifeMadeDelicious Blog. Do you have any kid friendly recipes to share? MK xo


Valentine Heart Chocolate Chip Cookies – Fun, Easy, Quick!

in DIY / Tutorials, General, Product Reviews, Real Food / Easy Meals

This post is a day late and a dollar short ... that's me these days. I can't seem to get anything done in advance! Who am I kidding? I never have ... probably never will, especially with an attitude like this. Oh well ... Most importantly though, I did manage to get these cookies made [...]


Easy Halloween Zombie Make-up Tutorial

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

If you haven't guessed already, I'm NOT one of those moms that minds a scary Halloween costume. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of Halloween in general and I really don't like 'commercial' costumes at all. I'd rather have a homemade zombie over a Disney princess any day. I don't encourage gory, but [...]