About Kim

Welcome to my blog. It’s a hodge-podge really! In the eight plus years that I’ve been writing here at mommyknows.com. I’ve gone from owning and operating a successful online shop, to being a full-time blogger and web-designer; to my current gig, which I like to call a ‘Social Media Stategist’.

I love to help my clients brand themselves and/or their businesses online using social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, just to name a few. I’m passionate about social media and with Klout just slightly lower than Oprah (kidding sort of) and several points above the CBC’s Peter Mansbridge, I’d have to say I’m pretty darn good at it too!

If you think you or your brand could use my help. Let me know. I have references. [ kim at mommyknows dot com ]

I still blog! Here AND all over the internet (list coming soon). I’ve worked with many top brands including General Foods, Kraft, Ford, Hyundai, Starbucks, Kinder Surprise, and more…

Blogging has taken me to New York, Chicago, Toronto, San Diego, skiing and in the green-room of the Martha Stewart show. I’m PR friendly. Feel free to email me about your brand. Let’s work together. [ kim at mommyknows dot com ]

I have all kinds of DIY projects and recipes I share. I also write about embarrassing bad-parenting moments that are intended to make you feel better about your crappy parenting skills (don’t call social-services, it’s not nice and I’m super busy). Geez!

I’m a foodie, a writer, and a wordpress junkie. I love to ski, hike and backpack. The top of a mountain, with my family is without a doubt, my favourite place to be.

If the right opportunity arises, I quote Dumb and Dumber.

I take photos daily. Things I like to photograph include, but are not limited to: stuff that is red or aqua blue, old cars, rust, hot cars, mountains, lakes, my kids and VERY rarely the foam on my coffee or a half-eaten muffin (but it has happened!). Selfies are shameless, but impossible to avoid.

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