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apple pie in a jar

Mini Apple Pie in a Jar

in DIY / Tutorials, General, Product Reviews, Real Food / Easy Meals

The kids and I raided my aunt's apple tree last weekend and I've been creating apple goodness ever since. Apple desserts are my favourite ... I like fall. Earlier in the year I made these rainbow cupcakes in a jar. The kids loved them. When I saw these cute little apple pies also in a [...]


DIY – How to Make a Pet Rock – Great Rainy Day Activity

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

Rain, rain go away ... So far, we haven't had much of a summer. Georgia and I kept busy for a couple of hours today making pet rocks. Here we have a 'mom-made' panda on the left and a 'kid-made' panda on the right. Lizzy and Sam came home and joined in the fun. We [...]


How to: Rainbow Cupcakes in a Jar

in DIY / Tutorials, General, Real Food / Easy Meals

My rainbow cupcakes in a jar were inspired by this babble post, however, I just thought one pint jars were just way to BIG. My kids don't need that much cake. So ... using 4oz (125ml) jars ... I present cupcakes in a jar! Make sure you have a helper. {preheat oven to 350f} You'll [...]


Mother’s Day Cake Pops Tutorial

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General, Photography, Real Food / Easy Meals

Unless you are living in a cave, you are probably know all about Bakerella and cake pops. My friend Gloria (a cake making genius) and I decided to make a Mother's Day version with a mature twist (tsk ... tsk ... not THAT kind of mature!). As you can see these are NOT your kids [...]


DIY Silk Tie Dye Easter Eggs 2011

in DIY / Tutorials, General, Real Food / Easy Meals

Wishing you a Blessed Easter Season! Make your own --> Silk Tie Dye Easter Egg Tutorial MK xo


DIY Felt Play Mat Tutorial (sort of)

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

Georgia loves wee plastic animals. She's an animal nut in general. The Easter Bunny brought her a tube of plastic farm animals (the rabbits getting cheaper and cheaper) and with it was a small plastic play mat. She loved it and call it her map. Unfortunately, it lasted about 2 days. It got me thinking [...]


DIY Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs Tutorial

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

Silk tie dyed Easter eggs are so much fun to make and way less messy than buying a dying kit or using vinegar and food colouring! First you'll need to start with 100% silk ties. Right now we're on skiing vacation, so rather than rid Mr. MK of a few duds laying around in his [...]

free halloween labels

DIY Halloween Craft – The Coolest & Creepiest Potion Labels – FREE

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

The kids had friends over Friday evening to do some Halloween crafts. I decided to get into the Halloween spirit and decorate the dining room (just a little bit). They were very excited. It takes so very little ... I should do it more! We covered most ALL of our kitchen jars and canned goods [...]


DIY Colourful Kool-Aid Jammers Lunch Sack Craft (How-To)

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

Sam is home sick. He's definitely not well, but not unwell enough to lay in bed all day. Truthfully in a non-H1N1 world he'd be at school. They sent him home yesterday, as he was pale, complaining of a sore throat and didn't go out for recess. Apparently, if he doesn't go out for recess [...]


I Really Hate to Brag … Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes per Day. Easy Recipe DIY

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General, Product Reviews, Real Food / Easy Meals

I really hate to brag, but I am going to anyway! I baked this bread. ME! It smells and tastes as good as it looks. I may never buy another loaf of bread! Who knew it was so easy?! Not I. I thought it required some special talent, or maybe a special bread baking gene. [...]