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30 Tiny Moments

Crafting with FedEx Out of Office Blog

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Georgia and I just spent a lazy morning crafting bookmarks for Father's Day. They were inspired by the FedEx Out of Office blog. From gift and craft ideas to spring cleaning and party planning tips, the blog provides innovative projects that anyone can tackle. With Father's Day and the summer right around the corner, Out [...]


It’s What’s for Dinner in Mommyknowsville

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Well, it's what was for dinner a couple of nights ago. By popular demand I am going to show you how to go about making the salad/pizza dish and cornbread salad that I made at the Kraft Kitchens with Chef Harry Crane and Danielle of foodmomiac. I'll start with the 'Bistro Salad/Pizza' combo (cornbread salad [...]


Sam the Man – Part 2 (I was Paralyzed!!)

in 30 Tiny Moments, Family, General

If it wasn't obvious from my last post ... I am kind of partial to Sam's longer hair. I took all of your advice though, and let him make his own choice. Check out his choice below. We were a day late going to the barber ... yesterday afternoon I was temporarily paralyzed and lost [...]


Plumber’s Butt / bumGenius 3.0 Winners / Road Trip

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30 Tiny Moments - Day 30 Georgia, just say, "NO" to crack! bumGenius 3.0 Winners are: Winning Comment --> Reeva Winning Link --> Profesion Maman Winners please email me: kim (at) mommyknows (dot) com with your name and address and top 3 color choices and I'll pop your cloth diaper in the mail. *** MommyKnows [...]


Danger — Ice (Water)!

in 30 Tiny Moments, Family, General

As the temps rise and the snow melts, our walk to and from school is becoming difficult to manuever. Georgia is attracted to 'ALL' bodies of water big or small. She likes to STOMP in it! She likes to JUMP in it! She enjoys RUNNING over frozen water. Even if it's SLIPPERY! Ooops! Get up [...]


I’m Not Going to Make It.

in 30 Tiny Moments, General

This blog365 thing is really a HUGE commitment. I hate to fail, so regardless of the fact that I am tired, I will blog anyway. I couldn't face you all again if I failed the blog365 challenge in February ... I KNOW I can make it further than that. It's been a really busy day. [...]


Mumma – Please Let Me In …

in 30 Tiny Moments, Family, General

30 Tiny Moments - Day 28 Georgia: Let me in ... please Mumma ... let me in ... ! Me: Do you promise to play with and *love* the cake I made you? Do you promise to quit muttering, "I wanted a phone" every time you look at it? She's still out there -- Kidding! [...]


There’s No Pleasing Some People!

in 30 Tiny Moments, Family, General

Well one small contrary person. Georgia asked me to make her a play cake today. We looked on the internet and she pointed out the largest cake possible, I reluctantly agreed. After an early supper, I sat down and made her this cake. Several hours later ... I presented it to her with a big [...]


Georgia’s First Hair Cut

in 30 Tiny Moments, Family, General

Georgia is my last baby and I am not in a hurry for her to grow up. With my oldest, I could hardly wait for the next 'new' stage. It makes me a little bit sad, instead of enjoying the moment, I was always pushing her to do more. My grandma always used to tell [...]


30 Tiny Moments, the Winners, My Brain is 1/2 Male & A New Contest

in 30 Tiny Moments, Family

30 Tiny Moments - Day 21 I bought these yesterday for my next project. I am hoping they work better than the Crayola six pack we used last time. *** The Winners of the Peanut Shell Giveaway are: Winning Link: Little Miss Mel Winning Commenter: Tara Chase Winners please email me: kim @ mommyknows (dot) [...]