A New Baby …

My cousin came by today with her new baby Jax. Oh she’s so cute. I can hear my ovaries calling to me. Mr. MK swears he can’t hear a thing. He says it’s a discussion I need to have with my ‘new’ husband. GASP! I took tons of photos (see Read more…

And the Winner of the Pippalily Baby Sling is …

Winner of the Pippalily Sling is: Amanda Brown

Winner of a pair of BabyLegs is: Lucy

Email me @: kim @ mommyknows (dot) com to claim your prize.

I have been struggling with a coding problem for several hours. Getting extremely frustrated! When this kind of thing happens, I just can’t do ANYTHING else! I must figure out and solve the problem … GRRRR!

Then it dawned on me, I hadn’t taken a 30 Tiny Moments photo or written my blog post (or fed the kids – oh well, I sure Mr. MK did … don’t worry). I ran in the livingroom and snapped this picture.

30 Tiny Moments – Day 10

30 Tiny Moments - Day 10
Faking Sleep!


Kids Crack Me Up – 104 Year Old Milk!

Lately, we’ve had a lot of milk go sour, LONG before the expiration date. In fact, it has happened so often, the kids do a thorough inspection now before daring to douse their beloved cereal in potentially ‘rotten’ milk. Generally, Lizzy does the inspections, you know because she’s older and more qualified to sniff cartons and read expiry dates. Today Sam did the honors.

Sam: “Dad, I think this milk might be bad. It’s really old.”

Mr. MK: “I just bought it. How old is it?”