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dip dye hair with kool-aid

DIY: Dip Dye Hair using Kool-Aid

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

I want to make it clear right up front that I am NOT a professional hair stylist/colorist. This is the process my daughter and I used to dip dye her brown hair. It worked quite well, you may NOT get the same results. Experiment at your own risk. I know from using Kool-Aid in other [...]

Back to School Shoes

Back to School with New Balance

in Family, General, Product Reviews

It's that time of the year again, back to school. I've always dreaded it. I know many of my friends like to joke and sing, "It's the most wonderful time of the year!", but I'm not a fan. I enjoy summer, no schedule, later nights and later mornings. Of course to top it off, there [...]


DIY Colourful Paint for Kids

in DIY / Tutorials, Family

I made the mistake of showing Georgia Pinterest on my iPad. She has a list of projects a mile long for us to do together. It's a good thing school starts next week. First up was making our own paint. She loves to paint. The recipe/instructions were so easy how could I say, "no"? I [...]

burstal pass hike

Let’s Pretend, Ass-Kicking, Hiking Burstal Pass and DIY Ziplock Bag Winter Boots!

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

Let's pretend that my last post wasn't dated in March! Let's just pretend I've been here all along blogging away. I've been busy, but no busier than usual. In fact with skiing over (sort of), life has actually slowed down some. I'm trying to keep the kids active and get myself in shape for some [...]


Brand New Boy

in Family, General, Photography

Our grandson arrived on January 12th! If you follow me on facebook, you're thinking, "we know already!". I must confess to over-sharing photos (just call me Grammarazzi!), but I can't help it. It's either the baby or the cat, and the baby is definitely cuter! He is a lovely, healthy wee boy, and weighed in [...]


We Can’t Wait …

in Family, General

May I introduce you to ... the soon to be ... Auntie Georgie and Unkie Sam (he wants Unkie, not uncle). Uncle Sam does sound a bit too American for a Canadian uncle, don't you think? Hayley will be induced tomorrow, so our new baby boy will be here SOON! I'm excited, but the G-word [...]


I’m Back on the Green Smoothie Wagon

in Family, General, Real Food / Easy Meals

So these resolutions I made are hard to keep, even when I want to. I've manage to keep two of the three so far. I've blogged every week-day (Monday through Friday) and I have also managed to take and upload a photo everyday to Flickr (so much easier using my iPhone 4, than my Nikon). [...]


The Time has Long Past …

in Family, General

To take the Christmas tree down ... BUT, important news first --> Woot! I'm so Pround of my girl who place 3rd in her time trials today and has now qualified for the Alberta Winter Games. That said, we've been so busy with the holidays and skiing. There are so many things in my world [...]

Happy to be Home

Home Sweet Home

in Family, General

It's been a really busy holiday season! We've had a wonderful time with family and friends. And Although I love the mountains and love to ski ... I'm happy to be home. So is Georgia. She's playing with all the toys she forgot she received for Christmas and I'm curled up on the sofa watching [...]

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Gone Skiing

in Family, General

We spent the day skiing in Banff. I love to ski at Sunshine. The image above was taken as my 3/365 photo. It's about the tenth time I've taken a photo from exactly the same spot. That tree, the rugged terrain. I'll never tire of trying to capture the beauty of it. I never ski [...]

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