Real Food – Fresh Cherry Cobbler

My grandmother made the best blueberry cobbler on the planet. I am happy to tell you, it’s in the genes. Grandma made this recipe entirely on the stove-top in a cast-iron pot with a lid. I don’t have a similar pot, so I use the microwave (because I don’t have to watch and stir) and then the oven. Try it … you’ll love it!

cherry cobbler - cherries

I picked these cherries from my parents farm last weekend. They are a wee bit tart, so I knew they’d make great cobbler.


cherry cobbler - ingredients

I always manage to leave something out of the ingredients photo. In this case the vanilla and butter are missing. It’s hard to be the cook, mom, photographer and food stylist all at the same time.


Real Food – Gardening – Getting Started

I’ve decided to plant a garden this summer. A small(ish) container garden. Not just any old container garden though, I am going to use the Mittleider method. I first heard about this method last year while reading Jessica’s gardening posts at Balancing Everything. The seven foot beans and tomatoes convinced Read more…