Hello McFly!?

Winner is – Auntie Gayle (yeah … I’ll bring your prize over). Yikes this title dates me! ‘Back to the Future’ came out in the early 80’s and I’m still saying, “HELLO McFly!” I’m definitely going to have to stop that. BUT, hey I finally get to an internet cafe Read more…

The Stuff I Shouldn’t be Telling You!

Just because…

What follows is one of my top ten most embarrassing moments!

Early 1990’s – Applebee’s Restaurant

I was on a date with a Dork. Just so you know it wasn’t the first date with ‘the Dork’ and it wasn’t the last. That last part probably doesn’t matter, but I’m telling you anyway.

(psst… don’t think I am mean calling him ‘the Dork’, he turned out to be much worse, but it a long, long story – just take my word for it, OK?)

‘The Dork’ and I were seated in a booth, across from each other. I am sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I have a serious (but not debilitating) diet cola addiction, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise, that I had a VERY large and icy Diet Coke in front of me. It’s also important that you know that the drink was really tall and the straw very long (remember those two details, ok?).

Just a sec… I’m going to run and grab a drink.

Hello … McFly?

Did I really say I was going to blog everyday for 365 days? Really? Did you believe me? *SIGH* I am all out of ideas. It could be that I still haven’t recovered from my sleepless weekend. Believe it or not, I am on my way back to the warehouse Read more…

All Partied Out …

Last night I stayed out ALL night! *GASP* don’t worry; it’s not as sordid as it sounds.

It was a planned birthday night out for one of my closest friends. Her husband booked us a luxury suite at River Cree Resort and Casino. Besides the odd cruise ship casino, I have never been to one. I am not much of gambler … I lost $60 in 10 minutes and was done.

I rarely put on makeup…

Make up ...

I figured I may as well get a picture.