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Life getting you down? Need a break from the kids, the cold or just a good laugh? ME TOO!

I’m tired, my back hurts (it’s this darn chair), my pinky fingers are numb and my elbow hurts (I can’t quit leaning on it). The house is a chambles (OMGosh … the closets and junk drawers are overflowing). I need comic relief … (drumroll)

SO, without a doubt, this is my absolute favorite FUNNY TV moment!

From the UK version of The Office.

This has to be the 50th time I’ve seen this and I am still laughing putting up this post.

MommyKnows funny!

P.S. (I always feel like a kid when I write P.S.) for a funny read check out the CrabMommy blog! She’s crackin’ me up!

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Crabmommy · March 29, 2007 at 3:59 am

Mommyknows, this is also my fave. I adore it. It never fails to make me laugh no matter how many times I watch over and over.

Here’s something unfunn: an ex-boyf of mine who is a big jerk is one of the head writers on the American Office. This is why i don’t watch it. And because i am so loyal to Ricky Gervais’s original conception of it. Just brilliant. Nothing worse than fusing “Flashdance and MC Hammer shit.” Big time.

kim · March 29, 2007 at 4:27 am

Yes, it is funny I just watched it again and just when I start to think … well, it might not be that funny, the clapping stops and I just crack up!

Yep, mommyknows funny!

I think the US one is funny but not like Ricky’s version. No one will listen to me though … and now that I know a ex-crabboyfriend is behind the the scenes; I will feel even better watching survivor instead, and laughing a little less (and not quite so loud) often when I watch American Office.

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