I Am Canadian!

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Well it’s finally warmed up a bit outside, with temperatures hovering around zero celcius (32 F). The kids were very anxious to play outside today saying, “it’s like summer Mom!” A bit of an exageration to say the least but with the miserable weather we’ve had lately it must feel like summer to them.

Sam on a warm winter day!

Sam who obviously has a hardy Canadian constitution felt he needed snow pants to stay dry (there are 18″ of the stuff still on the ground) but no shirt or coat were necessary on such a balmy day! “Oh my stinkin heck son … it’s WINTER!

In the words of the Canadian brewers (of who I am not a customer, but that’s a whole other post) “I AM CANADIAN“!

Hopefully, before the neighbours could see him, we had him in the house and then back out again with all of the missing clothing items –> socks, shirt, coat, mittens and toque!

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