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Haiku (Refresh My Memory).

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Homework from OMSH – write a Haiku.

Parenting is tough
Parent teacher interviews
Tell me some good news

One works so darn hard
Two is not as diligent
Nature of the beast

Just do your best work
You really need to bother
Listen to Mother

I forgot what a Haiku was!

5 syllables
7 syllables
5 syllables

A poet I am not! I think you’re supposed to write about nature. Hmmm, I hope my ‘wild’ children count.

We had parent-teacher interviews this evening. I’m not sure when it happened, but I feel like a real mom! For years I felt like I was ‘faking’ it! Somewhere, somehow … adulthood snuck up and bit me on the ASS when I wasn’t looking (of course I wasn’t looking … who’d let anything bite their ass if they were looking? Ahh, don’t answer that!).

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MK xo
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