The Stuff I Shouldn’t be Telling You!

Just because…

What follows is one of my top ten most embarrassing moments!

Early 1990’s – Applebee’s Restaurant

I was on a date with a Dork. Just so you know it wasn’t the first date with ‘the Dork’ and it wasn’t the last. That last part probably doesn’t matter, but I’m telling you anyway.

(psst… don’t think I am mean calling him ‘the Dork’, he turned out to be much worse, but it a long, long story – just take my word for it, OK?)

‘The Dork’ and I were seated in a booth, across from each other. I am sure I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I have a serious (but not debilitating) diet cola addiction, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise, that I had a VERY large and icy Diet Coke in front of me. It’s also important that you know that the drink was really tall and the straw very long (remember those two details, ok?).

Just a sec… I’m going to run and grab a drink.