Georgia’s First Hair Cut

Georgia is my last baby and I am not in a hurry for her to grow up. With my oldest, I could hardly wait for the next ‘new’ stage. It makes me a little bit sad, instead of enjoying the moment, I was always pushing her to do more.

My grandma always used to tell me, not to ‘wish my life away’. I’d always get kind of cranky with her when she’d say it. SHEESH, Grandma, is it wrong to want it to be Friday already? If you’re up there Grandma, I get now – really I do.

It’s taken me 2 1/2 years to breakdown and give Georgia a hair cut. Well not really 2 1/2, she didn’t really have hair the first year. Today after her bath, as I yanked on her matted hair trying to comb out all the tangles (while she cried and begged for mercy) – I decided it was time. I had planned to take her to a salon to have it done properly, but being the impatient sort (and the lazy sort) … I decided it needed done right NOW.

Mr. MK is home sick, so I hauled him out of bed to assist and photograph. I think he was worried. Relax dude, I used to earn drinking money in University cutting hair in the guys dorm.

Geogia's First Hair Cut
It really was getting pretty long!