Super September Contest Details

We’re giving away something FREE every day in September.

Why? Well I have lots of cool stuff that I want to share (oh PULEEZ!). That was the politically correct answer, the real answer is more like this – I want you to comment!

So all you have to do to win each day’s prize is leave a comment.

Comment should include: Why you’d like to win and / or answer the question I leave in the post.

I will ship your prize ANYWHERE world wide. As long as there is postal service, I will ship to you. If the prize isn’t perfect for your child, I will ship it to another child ANYWHERE (your choice).

I have upload prizes onto flickr (set called: Super September), these are NOT all of the prizes for September, just the ones I have managed to get up so far. Prizes will be updated and change, but whatever is there when you win, is what you get to choose from.

EVERY day in September there will be one winner (maybe more), but at least one. Just like in the past the winners will be randomly drawn and posted here on the site.

The winners will be able to choose any of the prizes listed on the flickr set: Super September. Once an item is choosen, it will be removed from flickr and will no longer be available (unless I have two … which I do for some).

You can win as many times as your comment#/name is drawn (only one comment will be eligible per post – but feel free to comment more than once) through out the month.


Monday: you leave 3 comments (only one comment is entered in the drawing) — you have 1/total # of comments chance of winning on Monday.

Tuesday: same deal … even if you won on Monday.

Lesson: keep coming back, even if you’ve won previously.

IF, I happen not to blog for a couple of days … when I do blog … I will draw the appropriate # of winners (one for each day missed) and post them on the site (September is guaranteed 30 prizes (or more)).

From this point forward, I will NOT contact the winners by email. You will have to come to the site to check and see if you are a WINNER (you all are really :)!) and if you are then you must contact me!

You will have 14 days after the the comments are closed to claim your prize.

How? Email me here: kim @ mommyknows dot com or kim @ thebabymarketplace dot com

You’ll need to give me your Name, Shipping Address and your 1st choice and 2nd choice of prize (just in case).


All you have to do to win each day’s prize is leave a comment on the most current post.

All prizes are provided by: in conjuction with