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Jammin’ in July Contest Info

We’re giving away something FREE every day week-day (Monday – Friday) in July.

Why? Well I have lots of cool stuff that I want to share (oh PULEEZ!). That was the politically correct answer, the real answer is more like this – I want you to comment!

So all you have to do to win each day’s prize is leave a comment.

Comment should include: Why you’d like to win! Make sure you fill out your email address when posting so I can contact you for your shipping info.

I will ship your prize ANYWHERE world wide. As long as there is postal service, I will ship to you. If the prize isn’t perfect for your child, I will ship it to another child ANYWHERE (your choice).

There will be no prize substitutions.

Each comment is numbered and we will hold an old fashioned nightly drawing and the comment that matches the number drawn will be the winner. The winner will be posted each night/early next day and I will also contact the winner by email for shipping details.

Oh yeah, make sure to tell your friends.

All prizes are provided by: in conjuction with


So there have been LOTS of winners this month so far, and unfortunately LOTS of loosers too! It hasn’t gone un-noticed that many of you have been back day after day, leaving me great comments and trying to win prizes. I would love give you ALL a prize but of course I can’t. Why? Well, because I’d go broke, we’d loose the house, end up on the streets, kids to foster care … need I go on? HOWEVER, I can give you a break on all of the great products that have been featured (and will be featured) in our May Madness promo.

You can use this coupon code: tbmpjj20 to save 20% when you spend $20 on any of the following products.

Coupon includes the following products:

All products featured in June Jive (these products will be included until June 15th, 2007).
All products featured in Jammin’ in July.

Coupon exceptions –> the BumGenius! 2.0 can’t be included due supplier/retailer agreement (my apologies).

Due to Retailer/Supplier agreement I am unable to extend the Jammin’ in July coupon to the Imse Vimse trainging pants.

If you have been wanting one or more of these items now is the time :) order and save!

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