My Romance Novel – Chapter Thirteen

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The book is no where near finished, I am on Chapter 26 right now. I do intend to write an ending soon (I hope!)

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Chapter Thirteen

For Bridget the cell phone ring had the same effect as a glass of cold water being thrown on her. She jumped away from Lane instantly mortified. He reached for her, but she was way too quick. “Don’t leave …” it wasn’t an order but a request, and a gentle one at that. It didn’t stop her from putting distance between them, but it kept her in the room.

Lane swore softly under his breath and reached for his cell phone. It was his mother, talk about bad timing! He considered not answering, but he knew it could be news about Chase and today that had to come first. She rarely phoned him while he was at work and just the fact that she was doing so now meant he needed to take the call.

Then again, she’d called last night while he was securing the house, just to talk. He sighed and answered the call anyway. “Hey there … no nothing important,” Lane saw Bridget stiffen across the room and knew immediately he said the wrong thing. “Really … that’s great new … amazing news … Okay … Okay … Yes, thanks … I love you too.”

Bridget knew the minute Lane answered the call that it wasn’t work, related. His voice was softer and friendlier than when he answered a work call. He’d answered several of them this morning and they mostly started with a gruff, “Johnson here” and continued from there.

She decided that it was probably the same woman he’d been talking to last night. She’d also known from the get go that it was a woman. Not that she was psychic, but because she could faintly hear a woman’s voice and lilting laughter, even from across the room. The fact that he’d ended the call with an ‘I love you too’ solidified her belief that the caller was a woman and a lover. She wasn’t sure what was going on between her and Lane, but she knew it couldn’t continue.

She wasn’t sure which had bothered her more, the fact that he’d indicated to the caller that he’d been in the middle of something unimportant, or the fact the he’d thought nothing of answering a call from another woman while he was kissing her. Both thoughts made her furious and sick to her stomach.

She felt like a fool. (more…)

Girl, You’ve Got Some BIG Attitude!

In some parts of the world children go hungry, even on Thanksgiving. In other parts, little girls are forced to eat Thanksgiving dinner. Girl, you’ve got some BIG attitude. I am thankful for you anyway. Happy (belated) Canadian Thanksgiving! MK xo If you’ve enjoyed this post, please subscribe to my Read more…