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Mini Heart Shaped Cherry Pies

Mini Heart-Shaped Cherry Pies ~ EASY! Valentine’s Day

in General, Real Food / Easy Meals

You can't plan far enough ahead. I'm already looking forward to next Valentines Day. If you're like @MarthaStewart and Me, you'll plant your cherry trees now! Fine! You got me... I made these for this past Valentine's Day (it was only a week ago!), but I wouldn't want to post them on-time. That would just [...]

Carters at Sears Canada

Giveaway – Carter’s and Oshkosh are now at Sears Canada!

in Family, Product Reviews

BIG NEWS this week for Sears Canada, they are announcing the arrival of Carter's and OshKosh! Two fabulous, quality brands we're all familiar with, use, love! From my Hayley to my our wee baby Brian, we've used and loved both brands. Their newest lines are absolutely adorable, soft, comfy, affordable! Wow! Georgia is a Carter's [...]


Sears Baby Registry

in General

This month Sears the Baby's Room challenge was to create a 'Baby Registry'. Something I have mostly fond memories of creating in the past. I do LOVE baby stuff! With our baby Brian just celebrating his 1st birthday in January, it's been a while since I've had to think about Baby Registries. With temps hitting [...]

skiing mommyknows

When Life is Busy …

in Family, General

When life is busy, it's so hard to find time to blog. Then again, when life isn't busy, there doesn't seem to be anything to blog about. Maybe I'm just getting my fix of the internets on Twitter and Facebook (please follow me). I'm miles behind in posting. I've put on a ton of ski [...]


The Sears Wish Book is 60! Remember when …

in Family, General, Product Reviews

Contest Closed: Winner is Deanna #2 The Sears Wish Book is 60 years old! Remember when... My sister and I loved the Sears Wish Book. LOVED it! She even more than I. The catalog was so popular, we'd have to sit side by side on the couch and go through each and every page. She [...]


Sears Family Portraits and Holiday Finery

in Family, General, Product Reviews

If you followed my blog for awhile you'll know that I always lament about NEVER sending out holiday cards. Mostly because I never get the photos done, or never take quite the right photo. You see I am a fairly decent photographer, but I am beginning to realize that I like head-shots, and I hate [...]

Georgia is growing up

Growing Up

in Family, General, Photography

She's is growing up. It's very cliche, but the time seems to be moving ever so quickly. My baby is not a baby. I know that it's so, I have the proof, a big gaping hole in her lovely smile. Each and every time, she gives me a grin, I remember that she's not a [...]

sears the babys room brian

The Baby’s Room at Sears is Stylin’

in Family, General, Product Reviews

I'm a Sears The Baby's Room Ambassador! I have no baby of mine own, but I have something WAY better: a sweet grandson to love-up and then give-back. Our Brian is just 9 months old and already washing dishes! As this MommyKnows love of standing at the sink doesn't last long, so enjoy it while [...]

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Sears Club Points Blog Tour

in Family, General, Product Reviews

When I was offered the opportunity to shop at Sears using Sears Points I jumped {HIGH} at the opportunity. I have to admit, that as the years have gone by I've become less and less of a shopper. What used to be a hobby (yes, at one time I shopped for entertainment), has now become [...]


TJ the World’s Best Cat

in Family, General, Photography

If you would have asked me 15 months ago, I would have told you that I didn't like cats. I thought they were unfriendly, and a bit too predator like. I was convinced if I were a lot smaller and they were a bigger, they'd be happy to have me for a snack (this may [...]