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DIY Easy Norwegian House Slippers (the crochet version by Mommyknows)

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Last week after Craftzine so kindly put my Candy Sushi post up on their site, I found this nifty tutorial for Norwegian house slippers over there as well. I loved them, and the crafty side of me, that I try so very hard to suppress, just came bubbling to the surface. I was going to [...]


DIY – Create a Craft Apron from Old Jeans – Sew Incredibly Wrong

in DIY / Tutorials, Family, General

I am the proud owner of a sewing table (will miracles never cease?). ME, the me that was once proud to open beer bottles with her teeth ... SEWS! Not well mind you, but I do sew. I digress, back to the table, this table was my great-grandmothers, her daughter, my great-aunt had it until [...]


10 Tutorials I am Dying to Try

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This post has been inspired by ProBlogger and Flexible Dreams. ProBlogger, has inspired me to write a list post. Flexible Dreams inspired the content. 10 Tutorials I am Dying to Try (... just, please don't let me die trying). 1. I'm a wee bit worried I don't have the sewing skills for this one, but [...]


DIY Waldork Doll – A New Girl in Town ~ Ann

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Lizzy and Georgia have been gone for a few days for spring break. I'm ashamed to admit it, but mostly I've been tending my damn farm on facebook, putting hits out on thugs that are intent on beating me up in mafia wars, watching TV and just generally being a lazy mug. Yesterday, I finally [...]


DIY – A Tee Shirt to Panties Upcycle – Stark Raving Mad!

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I am totally losing it! ME! The one who said, "crafts schmafts". I made these panties for Georgia out of Sam's old t-hirt. For some reason this made Sam, scream and blush. The boy is just too easy to embarrass. I guess the thought of his old t-shirt wrapped around his sister's hiney was just [...]


DIY Cashmere Pants for Toddlers { Under $5 } – Upcycle Cashmere Sweater Tutorial

in DIY / Tutorials, General

Check out Georgia's new cashmere pants. Pretty cute eh? Even better, they cost me less than $5 and they are 100% cashmere! The best part --> I made them myself out of a thrift store sweater. I am going to show you how. I want to apologize in advance, if I make errors in terminology [...]


DIY Candy Sushi Tutorial – Great Birthday Party Idea

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Lizzy turned 10 yesterday! I know it's cliche, but time flies. Where is my baby? Who is this BIG girl who longs for skinny jeans and earrings? We had a home party on Friday with some Rockband, hot dogs, cake pops and candy sushi. The candy sushi was the craft and the take home treat. [...]


DIY – Toddler Skirt from a Wool Sweater – UPCYCLE!

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After all my whining and complaining about sewing, I thought I'd share with you the results. Ta-da! Ignore the model, in her world camera = scowl! I made the skirt from a thrift-shop lambswool sweater that I felted. I used the same felted wool to applique the puppy on to an inexpensive white tee from [...]


Sew-and-Run or Sewicide / Happy Book Day to You ~ the Series Winner too!

in DIY / Tutorials, General, Happy Book Day, Photography

Photography 12/365 / OWP Hope 5/28 - Vintage buttons from my grandma's stash. I like the colors. (Hope may have been the wrong word for me! I'm not quite that sappy on a daily basis. What this image has to do with hope, has me stumped. Ummm ... I hope someone besides me cleans these [...]


DIY Felt Mitts (coffee contest continues)

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**Winner is: Emily B - please email me Emily @ kim (@) mommyknows (dot) com to claim your prize.** Monday the whole family (plus the dog), my aunt and uncle, cousin, wife and 2 mini cousins packed up and headed to a local pumpkin patch. The kids had a great time, BUT it was COLD. [...]