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With Her Head in Her Hands …

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Lizzy’s Costume has been chosen as a finalist in the Inhabitat Contest: Can you vote for this one?

and in this contest ScanDigital Halloween Photo Contest — to vote you just have to click on the ‘like’ link under the photo (it’s on facebook, so if you are a member there is no sign up … just one click) or go here: - Thank you! **

I sent Lizzy to school today with her head in her hands, LITERALLY!

a headless marie antoinette

Told yah!

hair and makeup

We were up way too early doing hair and make up!

It’s been a week of work, that began with this duct tape body form.

beginning of marie antoinette

I’ll post a few images of the ‘making of Marie’ on flickr for anyone who is interested. It’s amazing what you can do with two rolls of duct tape and an old dress.

Sam is going as one of my favourite bloggers. His reveal tomorrow :)

MK xo
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